September 27, 2023

Creation of Angel: A Timeless Musical Journey of Angels and Traditions

Creation of Angel: A Timeless Musical Journey of Angels and Traditions

When pondering angels, does your mind conjure ethereal figures, luminously gliding through art's rich tapestry—be it the golden Renaissance frescoes or the intricate motifs in ancient Middle Eastern calligraphy? 

On November 4th, 2023, in the hallowed halls of The Hague's Palace Church—a location teeming with history—the world-renowned Chamber choir Ilmatar seeks to elevate this depiction, painting a sonic masterpiece of angelic realms.

The Hague's Palace Church
The Hague's Palace Church
The Hague's Palace Church

German poet Rainer Maria Rilke once mused, "Angels… often do not know whether they go among the living or the dead.” Rilke's words, timeless in their insight, become the cornerstone of Ilmatar's exploration, intertwining celestial beings with earthly passions.

Ilmatar’s performance isn't confined by geographical or historical boundaries. From the echoing alleluias of Pärt and Weir, which transport us to incense-filled European cathedrals, to the tranquil folk melodies of Scandinavia, the choir takes us on a journey that transcends time. Venturing further, they beckon us into the rich tapestry of the East, with pieces from Ukrainian composer Momotenko-Levytsky and the iconic Polish Penderecki. These pieces encapsulate entire epochs capturing pivotal moments in musical history.

But what makes this endeavor genuinely groundbreaking is the participation of Syrian singer, Abeer Al Batal. A voice representing millennia of Middle Eastern heritage, Al Batal embodies the confluence of ancient religious harmonies from Assyrian to Islamic, Chaldean, and Arabic traditions. Diving deeper, her collaboration is a cultural bridge, a testament to the ceaseless dialogue between ancient traditions and contemporary interpretations. As the digital age propels us forward, it’s events like these that use modern sound technology to encapsulate timeless themes, reminding us of our roots.

The Syrian singer, Abeer Al Batal

Ilmatar's name, born from the Finnish epic, the Kalevala, tells a tale as old as time. Ilmatar, the sky goddess, not only birthed the world from shattered eggshells but also brought forth Väinämöinen, the God of music. This mythological tapestry underscores the ensemble's efforts, emphasizing the eternal bond between the heavens and music.

And what of the venue? The Palace Church itself is not just a location but a character in this narrative. As echoes of the past merge with contemporary chords, the church's storied walls bear witness, adding a tangible dimension of history and continuity.

This celestial symphony on November 4th, 10th, and 11th promises evenings of introspection, culture, and unparalleled musical excellence. As melodies soar and histories intertwine, attendees will embark on a journey that dances on the cusp of the divine.

Creation of Angel Event: A Timeless Musical Journey of Angels and Traditions

Venture to the Palace Church, and immerse yourself in a universe where past and present, earthly and ethereal, meld in harmonious cadence.

As the reverberations of "Creation of Angel" linger, let them be a portal, urging you to delve deeper into the world of art and culture. For in every note, in every brushstroke, lies a universe waiting to be explored. Dive in, for art's rich tapestry, woven with threads of history and innovation, beckons on