October 18, 2023

The Spooktacular Art Challenge Beckons

The Spooktacular Art Challenge Beckons

October is upon us, and as the whispers of this ghostly month breeze through, we invite you to embark on a haunting journey into the mystical world of art. It's time to embrace the spirit of Halloween, that time of year when the veil between the ordinary and the extraordinary grows thin. The call is for artists, art enthusiasts, and curious souls alike to connect with the otherworldly through the 🎃Spooktacular Art Challenge! 🎃

A Quest for the Curious

This challenge is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who dare to explore the eerie, the magical, and the unknown. Imagine wandering through the dark corners of Instagram, where artists have woven the essence of Halloween into their creations. Their art speaks of the spooky, the haunting, and the ethereal - it's a reflection of the unseen mysteries that linger in the shadows.

Your quest begins in these digital alleys:

  • Screenshot the Instagram of your Spooktacular Artist
  • Upload the screenshot on the challenge page 
  • Submit the screenshot on #ThePlaza and tag @Zayah to receive a Spooky Code 
  • Submit the Spooky Code on the challenge page
  • Complete the actions for more entries to increase your chances to win

Unearth Prizes, Connect with the Community

But why embark on this ghostly quest, you ask? At Momentable, we're driven by a passion for enriching the tapestry of experiences for art lovers. We believe that art is not just a solitary journey but a shared odyssey filled with stories, discoveries, and connections. The Spooktacular Art Challenge is our way of weaving the global art community together, sharing in the creativity and wonder that art brings.

By participating in this challenge, you're not only getting closer to spine-tingling prizes but also becoming part of a vibrant art community. Every screenshot you share, every interaction you have, takes you a step closer to your next favorite masterpiece.


  • 3 Year Premium Subscription ($720 Value)
  • 2 Year Premium Subscription ($480 Value)
  • 1 Year Premium Subscription ($240 Value)

Revelations on Halloween Eve

As the moon casts its long shadows on the night of October 31st, the spirits stir in anticipation. They're ready to unveil the names of those whose discoveries resonated through the veils. With winning prizes that unlock a treasure trove of premium artistic resources, the chosen souls will embark on a journey of endless creative exploration.

The ethereal realm awaits your entry, and who knows? The next screenshot you share might just be the key to unveil a journey of artistic marvels. Dive in, let the spirits of creativity guide your way, and remember, the essence of Halloween lives in every stroke of imagination that dares to venture beyond the known.

Your adventure begins now. Are you ready to embrace the Spooktacular? 🌙👻✨

Don't miss the chance to participate in the Spooktacular Art Challenge! Unleash your creative spirits and explore the eerie and otherworldly. Join us on this mystical journey and discover art that transcends the ordinary. Stay tuned for updates and prepare to share your ghostly discoveries on Halloween Eve. 🎨📸🎃